Young Drivers Insurance

Affordable car insurance designed to meet the needs of young drivers aged 17-25


Helping young drivers get on the road

It’s getting more costly for young drivers to get insured and out on the road. Here at Policywise we don’t believe that just because you’re a young driver you should be paying more. In fact we want to make it the opposite!

  • Telematics technology
  • Discreet monitoring of your driving to keep your insurance costs down
  • No curfews or mileage restrictions
  • Instant cover and payment plans
  • An online portal to keep track of your cover
  • Provisional drivers covered

How telematics works

Telematics technology comes in the form of a black box that is discreetly fitted into your car.

The black box works together with our NEW App that you need to download once you have begun your telematics policy with us.

The box records your driving behaviour, and will monitor several aspects of your driving including speed, braking, acceleration, cornering, quick changes in direction, type of road, time of day and total miles travelled.

It will send us alerts so we know your are driving safely and within the rules of the road. Whilst we receive that data we are able to cover you for less based on your driving standard.

The aim of telematics is simply to encourage you to drive safely, and as a reward you get cheaper car insurance.


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Value Added Extras

We can include any of the following with your policy (where applicable):

Motor Legal

  • Compensation if you are injured or compensation for your family if you are killed.
  • Your policy ‘excess’ under your motor insurance policy.
  • Damage repairs to your vehicle.
  • Compensation for loss of earnings and for you not being able to use your car.
  • The cost of vehicle recovery and storage charges.
  • Uninsured damage to personal property (clothes, luggage etc!)
  • £1000,000 limit of indemnity

Excess Protect

  • We will pay you to the lesser of the value of your excess or the sum of £500 when your vehicle has been determined to be a total loss by your motor insurers who deduct your excess from their settlement or your vehicle is repairable and you are required to pay a policy excess.
  • This is done regardless of blame.


  • £1500 of insurance cover in the event that any of your keys attached to the provided fob are either lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Up to £1500 annual cover for locksmiths charges, new locks ad keys, care hire and onward transport costs
  • Up to 3 days car hire if  you are stranded or your car is unusable as a result of lost stolen or damaged keys
  • £10.00  Reward payable to finder of your lost keys

Taxi Breakdown

  • This policy offers both roadside and homestart assistance with up to 1 hours labour for up to 6 call outs. Any driver of the vehicle will be covered with respect to the owners permission.
  • Includes wheel changes, blow outs, punctures and recovery of your vehicle to the nearest garage or depot.


  • If you happen to put the wrong fuel into your car we will pay the cost of the removal of the fuel and any damage it has caused.
  • No excess to pay!
  • Claim amount is up to £2500.

Terms and conditions apply.